Frontier Wall

Critical Writing and Analysis is of paramount importance for a Law Student. It helps to assess the conceptual topics & issues. The moment I joined this very field as a protégé, I always felt that there was a need of such platform which could give students an opportunity to present their intellectual ideas and opinion. With support of Administration, I initiated an Editorial/Opinion Project alias “THE FRONTIER WALL” at our Institution, Frontier Law College in March, 2018. The motive behind it was to orchestrate a forum which could help students to opine their opinions about Issues and Events. In 2 years, the project has disseminated and became vogue. Thus, The Frontier Wall has proved to be a New Era of Intellectual Renaissance in our Institution.

In a nutshell, As Louis L’Amour said: “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”


BS Law 5 Years
BS Law 5 Years Program

Location: FLC Peshawar

Criteria: Have passed FA/FSc/ exams from a recognized board with atleast 45% marks and LAT 50% marks.

Semesters: Total 10 Semesters. Classes are compulsory.